Have you ever been to an event where all the glasses looked absolutely the same?
How many times have you asked the question “Is this my glass?”
And since we know the answer, our FixIdea team found an interesting solution to the problem.
We don’t want people to drink out of someone else’s glass by mistake!

We are delighted to present our glass tags stickers for multiple use, in 4 different designs.
Yes, that’s right – stickers for multiple use!
And this is because they are made of a special foil that sticks to even surfaces without the need of glue.
These stickers can be wetted or crumpled and still look brand new.
And since all people and their moods are different we created 4 different designs of the glass markers, each set comprising of 20 stickers.

Markers “Nickname”
These stickers are for any cool company with a good sense of humor. We find ourselves in many different life situations and there will always be someone you can call with a nickname such as “The one in love”, “The hot chick” or “The hero”.

Markers “Cheers”
Every sticker is a country flag with the name of the respective state and the word for Cheers in this language. Do you know in which country the word for “cheers” is Kippis or Bula? This is actually a really good way for one to learn some foreign words, don’t you think? And these particular markers are really good for events and groups of people of multiple nationalities.

Markers “Cartoon Characters”
These are funny and colorful stickers representing cartoon characters of our past and present. Very popular for children birthdays and different kids events. Who doesn’t like Popey or Shrek or Fred Flinstone? Be original and different on your child’s next birthday!

Markers “Fingerprints”
Stickers designed as fingerprints in 20 different colors. Preferred for more stylish events.

Our glass markers are the perfect accessory for any gathering of friends, family or colleagues. They are great for birthday celebrations, firm parties, conferences or work meetings.

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Party sticker markers (tags) for glasses. Multiple use, 20 stickers in 4 different types

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