Scratch poster 365 days alcohol

Do you have any idea how many days in the year you drink alcohol?
How many consecutive days per year do you have without tasting any alcohol?
How many days did you drink only beer?
And how many days per year did you drink many different alcohol drinks per day?

Our alcohol scratch poster will help you answer these questions!  The poster is unique by its idea and design and there’s no other similar product on the market. Be among the first to discover the coolest idea for a friend’s gift!

What exactly is the idea of the product and how can you mark the days with or without alcohol?
The poster has all months and days in a calendar year, without starting from an exact date. The start date of your alcohol calendar can be any day of the year. You can indicate the date on the poster and start the countdown from there to the following 365 days. There is a box for every day of the year, each box is divided into 4 smaller boxes with a drawing of a different alcohol glass. You can easily find out the kind of alcohol for each drawn glass – beer, wine, cocktail or spirit. If you drink one or more kinds of alcohol on a particular day, simply scratch the film of the box with the respective glass.

When you indicate all 365 days in your calendar, you can easily find out how many days a year you drink alcohol and how many days you go without a drop.
How many days you have only soft drinks and how many days in a row you have something stronger.
This is the reason why the poster has 2 scales – so that you can easily calculate the days with and without alcohol.

The poster “365 Days of Alcohol” is packed in a beautiful box that makes it the perfect present.

Dimensions: 48*68 cm.

  • април 25, 2020

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