The first years of every child's life are extremely dynamic and children change every day!
As parents, we want to keep the memory of these touching moments and emotional thrills for a lifetime!
The preferable helper in this mission is the new scratch poster ‘51 First Things of My Child’ plus a GIFT - 6 beautiful, double-sided photo cards for the most important moments.

The idea behind the product is:
- once placed on the wall to make it easier for you to mark the first important moments in the life of your child;
- to give you ideas for useful and pleasant activities with your toddler;
 - to be a beautiful poster which is always in front of your eyes and to remind you of upcoming events in your child's growing-up;
- unlike baby diaries, this poster is intended to be constantly on display so that you don't miss to mark any of the events;
- after all 51 first things are done, return the poster back to its box and keep it as a memory;
The poster contains 51 activities grouped in 4 categories: Fun; Adventures; Independence; Learning.

Each activity is visualized with a caption and a funny drawing, and next to it there is a free space to fill in the date when an action was done or other information.
The drawings are covered with a scratch, which must be erased when the child accomplishes what is written on the drawings.
The more skills the child acquires and the more he/she enjoys him/herself and explores the world, the more colorful his/her first scratch poster will become!
The scratch poster is a perfect addition to any kids’ room or bedroom.

Some of ‘My Child's 51 First Things’ included in the poster are:
I have my first tooth
I have taken my fist independent steps
I smiled for the first time
My first mischief

Naturally, there is a special place for the child's name, date of birth and height.
We know that children's photos are magic, that captures priceless moments and remains in the history for generations, so we've added a GIFT OF 6 DOUBLE - SIDED PHOTO CARDS for the first milestones in any child's life.
Stylized photo cards will give you an extra incentive to capture and remember the date when your child learns new important things.
When the child accomplishes one of the listed things for the first time, write on the card the date of the event and take a picture of the child with the card. It is advisable that the day of the event and the day of the photo coincide.

The following milestones are listed on the photo cards:
I am 6 months old            
I am 12 months old         
I can sit up on my own   
I can stand on my own   
I have my first tooth       
I can roll over on my tummy        
My first word is
I can crawl          
I can eat on my own        
My first walk outside      
I smiled for the first time              
I slept through the night for the first time   
The perfect gift for a newborn baby and for new parents.
The scratch poster is suitable as a gift for children from 0 to 4 years.
The poster is packaged in a branded cardboard box, ideal for a gift.
Poster size: 48 x 34 cm
Diameter of photo cards: 11 cm

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Scratch Poster 51 First Things of My Child

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