If beer is your favorite drink, then this poster is for you!

The Europeans have and keep numerous beer-brewing traditions that result in various tastes of this special drink.
We selected 89 of the most famous beer brands from all over Europe and turned them into a Scratch Beer Poster.
Cool, right?

When you try one of the selected beers, simply scratch the cover and the famous logo and name of the respective brand will turn to color. The more European beers you try, the more colorful your poster will be!

One of the best sides of travelling is that while we explore new destinations, we can also try new cousins and, of course, new tastes of beer. Beer is a highly valued drink in many European countries and this makes an impression all over the world. This fact inspired us to create the “89 European Beers” scratch poster. This way you will know what beer you can try when visiting the respective European country. And of course when we talk about England, Germany or Czech Republic it is not possible to mention only one beer brand that represents them, so these counties have several caps (beer brands) on our poster.

All true beer lovers would love such a present and would immediately start removing the scratch cover from the already tasted brands.

Surprise your friends and buy them the first poster with 89 European beer brands!

Our poster has an elegant design and will fit perfectly on any wall in the office or at home. It is packed in a beautiful box which makes it a great gift.

The poster is translated in English.
Dimensions: 68*48 cm.

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Scratch poster 89 EUROPEAN BEERS

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