Have you ever run a marathon?
Have you ever hitch-hiked?
Have you ever plant a tree?

All these are great experiences that do not require much time and money but leave lifetime memories! Little things that we always postpone doing, even though they’d bring us enormous joy! This world gives us so many opportunities that we wonder where we can start from! This is the main reason why we created our poster “99 things to do in your life”.

After fulfilling one of the challenges described in the poster, you can simply scratch the film cover. The drawing and sign under will get colorful and funnier. The more colorful your poster is, the bigger your set of adventures will be!

If you have ever wondered what the next thing to broaden your sight should be or what the next activity to take you out of your comfort zone is, then you can find exactly 99 ideas in our poster. We decided to turn our desire for new adventures into reality and to try and give the same emotion to all people with a thirst for new experiences and travels to far and not so far destinations. This poster is the perfect gift for families and couples with an adventurous spirit. It will remind them of the funny stories and experiences and will help them show their friends how many different things they’ve seen and been through.

There are incredible places on this planet that leave us out of breath! There are places that keep centuries-long history! There are life experience that fill us with tremendous happiness! This poster will remind you of all these places and experiences, any time you look at it. The perfect gift for any adventurer and traveler.

The poster is packed in a beautiful box and is translated in English.
Dimensions: 68*48 cm.

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Scratch poster 99 things to do in your life

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