Childhood passes away so quickly that, before you know where you are, your kids will have turned into responsible adults.

We are sure you want your children (or grandchildren) to have carefree and full of happy memories childhood!

Lest you miss a great activity or game at that early age we have prepared for you a scratch poster with 50 things which every child should do before they grow up.

We have tried to include various activities in which all members of the family or the child’s friends can take part. There are some independent activities as well.

We can list activities like:
- making decorations for Christmas
- family picnic
- visiting a zoo
- writing a song or a poem
- learning to ride a bike
- learning to play chess or backgammon

Signs and pictures over the gray scratch are in black until what is written is done.
After the activity the child scratches off the area and the picture under it is coloured.
The sign now reads that the activity has been done.

E.g. "To plant a plant", becomes "I planted a plant"

In today's busy everyday life combined with the age of technology, we often forget that children remain children and their needs for attention and real activities are even more tangible.

We believe that the most important and precious gift to a child is the time we parents spend with them playing and exploring the world.

We are sure that in time each of the challenges, listed in the poster, will bring to you (as parents) and to your children fond memories of the emotions experienced.

The poster remains a visual memory for life of the inmost time in a child's life- the childhood.
Once the listed activities are accomplished and the child is grown, the poster can be saved and stored for years in its box.
The more of the activities listed get done, the more colorful and fun the poster becomes.

A creative and useful gift for a child's birthday, name day, children's day, gift for a student and other occasions.

The product is packed in a beautifully branded box.

It is a wonderful idea of a present to every child on any occasion.
The poster is suitable for children over 4 years old.

Poster dimensions: 48 cм x 34 cм

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Scratch poster 50 things that the kids should do before grow up

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